Photograph by Wretched Beauty started off as a personal blog, and overtime went under a heavy hiatus of over 5 years. Hopefully that will not happen again. Now some words about this domain’s owner.

My name is Shanna Williams. I am originally from St.Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and currently resides in South Florida. I attended Florida Atlantic University and attained two degrees & a minor. Bachelor of Arts in Studio art with concentrations in Graphic Design, Alternative Media, and Painting. As well as, Bachelor of Arts in Film, Video, and New Media with concentrations in Computer Arts and Animation. Along with a minor in Asian Studies – Japanese Language & Cultural Studies.
Consumption by indifference. During High School, I was a member of the track team (Captain in my Senior year), Concert Band (played the Flute), and Magnet Student. My transition from St.Croix to Florida, allowed me venture on a new journey. After graduating, I continued with track at FAU, but 2 years later I gave it up to focus on my degree. During this phase, I began to take an interest in modeling, participated in numerous fashion shows, and did a few prints. My interest grew into becoming a performance artist, and crowd entertainer. Inspired by my new friends who took Art, Theatre, and music to a whole new level. This gave life a new meaning.

Photograph by Renaud “Parisian Photographer”

Addicted to a healthy and energetic lifestyle. I am learning Contortion, Aerial Arts, Acroyoga, Pole Fitness, and many more. The list is very long… too long. The things I am capable of doing and would like to do is ridiculous long, but fun. I should say confusing because I can’t focus on one thing and would love to do everything.

Classification: Visual Artist